running over thoughts that make my feet hurt

if you're a close friend you'll know who i am:)
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lea michelle though wow im sad

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"are any of you lazy shits awake i’ve been sat here on my own for the past two-three hours" yeah because not being awake at 5 frickin am makes me lazy

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theres a smile on your face lets me know that you need me

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arctticmonkkeys: Alright, stranger? I accidentally published your question.

don’t worry about it mate, i see you!! i only follow two people on here remembeeeer

((oops i purposely published your ask because i know i’m the only person you follow muahaha))

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where the hell have you been william jesuS 

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"I’m not an easy person to be with. I know that. I probably won’t even try and make it easy for you. I’ll be really difficult at times. It may seem like, at times, I don’t want you, and I don’t like you, but I do. I’ll be a challenge because I’m not the type of person who people walk all over. I’m not the person who puts up with bullshit. I’m not the person who will give you sympathy comments. If i say something, I mean it. If people are assholes to me or my friends, I throw them out of my life. I’m annoying, I’m the worlds biggest jerk. I’ll make you want to scream and punch walls; I’ll ruin your day and save it at the very last minute. I’l drive you crazy and you’ll probably hate my guts. But even though all that’s going to happen, I swear I have a good side to me. I’ll always be there when you need me. Even if my life is impossibly knotted, I’ll try and untangle yours by listening and loving. I won’t stop caring about you, not even if you push me away. You’re different from everyone else, and I like that. It’s refreshing to find someone different in the world because way too many people are all the same." 

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"I’m stuck in my duvet looking for Susan Boyle." Average.

heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey :(

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Get a grip. You’re overreacting. 

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